TOCC’s Associate of Arts ECE degree is designed for students who plan to transfer to a university to complete a 4-year degree program.

Total Program Credit Hours: 60

37 General Education Hours

General education classes include English, math, art, science, and classes related to the Tohono O'odham Himdag.

21 Core Requirement Hours

These are classes related directly to your major, and include information on child development and working in the classroom.

3 Elective Credit Hours

Elective classes are courses of your choice, related or not to your major. This program requires two electives.

"If you enjoy working with young children (0 - 8 years) and would like to work in a learning environment such as Head Start or day care centers, the Early Childhood Education program could be a match for you."

AAECE Program Requirements

General Education

Tohono O’odham Himdag

HIS 122 Tohono O’odham History and Culture (3)

THO 101 Elementary Tohono O’odham (4)

English Composition

WRT 101 Writing I (3)

WRT 102 Writing II (3)


MAT 142 Topics in College Math or higher (5)

Humanities and Fine Arts

Any ART course (3)

THO 101 meets this requirement

Any LIT or PHI course (3)

Social and Behavioral Science

HIS 122 meets this requirement

PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology

SWU 171 Introduction to Social Work

Two Lab-loaded Science Courses

BIO 100N Biology Concepts (4)

BIO 105N Environmental Biology (4) or ANR 111 Agroecology and Tohono O’odham Crop Production

Core Requirements

Core requirements Requires a C or better in each course

ECE 110 Language and Communication/Early Literacy (3)

ECE 117 Child Growth and Development (3)

ECE 124 Math and Science for Young Children

ECE 125 Nutrition, Health, and Safety for the Young Child (3)

ECE 226 Child Guidance and Classroom Management (3)

ECE 228 Family, Culture, and Community (3)

CIS 100 Introduction to Computers (3)


Free Electives – 3 credits

Electives sufficient to reach the total credit hours

Students transferring in to the college may have courses that count towards their major. TOCC can provide a transcript review as part of the application process.

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